Looking for No WiFi Games? 65+ Free Games that work without WiFi or Internet

No Wifi Games blog we will be informing you about all the latest, best free no wifi games available on popular platforms like Andriod and IOS. Our team works endlessly and reviews almost all the free games without the wifi connection.

Technology has turned the wheels of the gaming industry. There was a time when gaming was difficult. You need to have a full machine or a heavy video game station on which a person plays games. Gaming industry has been evolved a lot in last decade. There are a lot of soft ware houses that develops interesting and cool games for the people out there. With the all advancement in technology and sciences all things become smaller and smarter. Things are getting better and making our lives easy. From our homes lives to professional duties technology is helping us to achieve a new peak of success. And what you think what is the best success we got in last decade?

Have you ever noticed the difference that has been taking place in last decade? Change that brings a new color to your life, yes! Technology and science, these are the game changers.

Yes! Computer, they became smarter and advance. Now a small chip has all the powers. And how we forget the most essential part of our lives?

But there is something more interesting happened in last decade. Yes! The evolution of internet, you got me ‘Wifi’.

Back then gaming was a heavy and costly hobby. Time passed and things became better. And here a time comes when there are Xbox, play stations and much more. But there is something more interested appeared.

Concept of Free Games Without WiFi

Yes! Mobile phones, your personal pocket device with a lot of games and features that gives a relax time whenever you are free. A smart phone has everything in it. It’s now your office, your shopping center, your doctor, your advisor anything you want. They are handling the world with a small device in their pockets. It is taking the world. Gaming especially mobile gaming has changed the whole gaming industry. Play games whenever you want wherever you are. And the best part is now you don’t even need wifi. Yes no wifi free games are also available now. Free games without wifi are the best games ever. Because they don’t even need much charging and wifi games use more charging. That is why gamers actually love these offline games so they can enjoy more than average person.
Related to mobile games there are a lot of shocking facts that wonders everyone out there. Interesting facts that are attractive to people out there, and they increase the popularity of such games. And free games without wifi are one of those attractions. No wifi free games are nowadays trendy just because they don’t have any criteria to be played.

Free games without wifi are new treat for game lovers. Game lovers always want charges phones but wifi use charging faster that is why no wifi games are new game changers. Now there is no need to have a complete video or play stations. Things are getting smarter and shrink. Big heavy video game stations are way back old now just grab your phone and play whatever game you want.

Most of these games are mind challenging. For example in angry if you haven’t played any of these games, you should play once.

And many more games are here in market that can be played without wifi. But here the twist comes there are many games that can be play on and off line.

Yes! That is something game changer. It’s not necessary that you always have wifi or internet connection so there are some games that give you the facility to play them offline as well. For example Ludo Star is a game that can be play no wifi games

If we observe then free games without wifi were quit popular and people found them great.

The best about mobile games, that there are games for all age groups. Yes gaming is not only restricted to kids. Now everyone can enjoy games according to their taste as there are thousands of games from which you can select the one you want to play.

List of 65+ Wifi Free Games

  1. Snake Game:

    If you have not played this game then you don’t know about evolution in games it was the basic game back in early 90’s. it was almost first free game without wifi.
    Download:  Android

  2. Bouncy Ball:

    It was a game introduced in early 2000’s. it had different levels where one had to bounce the ball to pass the hurdles and reach next level. It was also from the category of no wifi game back in time.
    Download: Android

  3. Bumper Man:

    It was the most played game back in 90’s. In this game a bumper man places bombs to kill the monsters and reach next levels. This game has a lot of stages and levels to pass and as it is among the league of no wifi games so keep going.
    Download: Android

  4. Contract Killer 2:

    It is a game with a bit valance but interesting as well. You have to complete assigned missions in order to reach next level. Missions are not so much easy you have to kill people with a lot of heavy stuff that can easily kill you. It is one of the pioneer’s games which generated a new era and yes it was free game without wifi.
    Download: Android IOS

  5. Subway Surfer:

    It was the most favorite game of players all over the world. You just run and run and collect the gold but don’t forget the hurdles. If you run with good speed and you also take cares of other hurdles then you will definitely win the game.
    Download: AndroidIOS

  6. Dead Trigger:

    First person shooter for zombie apocalypse. It is one of the most played games by kids as it was no wifi game and has a lot of levels to clear. Each level gives you more strength and points that will help you to be strong against zombies.
    Download: Android

  7. Monument Valley:

    It’s a puzzle game. Solve the puzzle by passing through different architectures. Here sometimes it’s too dark to give a dramatic effect to game. Free game without wifi also has this game in list.
    Download: Android IOS

  8. Jetpack Joyride:

    An adventure of taking revenge from them who did experiments on you. And for taking revenge he will pass every hurdle just to get you.
    Download: Android IOS

  9. Pixel Dungeon:

    One of the oldest android games with different graphical patterns and it is unique every time. This uniqueness leads this game to a non ending version because this game never ends. Wifi free games really have such massive games.
    Download: Android

  10. Shadow Fight 2:

    Full of thrill fight game. A fight sequence always gives new life to the mission and in your life as well. You become more active in order to achieve success. It a free game without wifi.
    Download: Android IOS

  11. Swamp Attack:

    Your wooden hut is under attack by animals now save it. You can save it by different tools and different strategies to keep it safe from animals. This is of the most played no wifi game.
    Download: Android

  12. Limbo:

    Adventure for everyone, there are different puzzles and task to survive in the game. Survival is the main problem and motivation here that keeps everyone alive to solve the puzzles.
    Download: Android IOS

  13. Mario:

    Just pass the hurdles and keep yourself safe from monsters. 90’s kids were totally into this game. This game was the full thrilling game in back times as it was a thrilling no wifi game.
    Download: AndroidIOS

  14. Badland:

    Adventure game where you have to pass the hurdles and reach next level. A small black creature flies through the world of obstacles with physics game play base.
    Download: Android IOS

  15. Metal Slug:

    The all time favorite of 90’s kids. You have to kill people to find your way to win the game. The sounds of actions and firing was amazing in this game this was one the best free games without wfi.
    Download: Android

  16. Shadowrun Returns:

    Shooter game play with magical abilities. You play as a shooter and you have to shoot the things that are causing you problem to proceed in the game. Such games were a blessing as they were no wifi games.
    Download: Andorid

  17. Dumb Ways to Die 1:

    Don’t be dead just keep yourself safe it is rather cute game with beautiful messages to keep yourself safe by not using dumb ways. This is a free game without wifi and it is really fun to play it.no wifi games image

    Download: Androi

  18. Dumb Ways to Die 2:

    Same as 1 but with new dumb ways to die. Cuteness was overloaded in this sequel of the game. It is still from the category of no wifi games.
    Download: Android

  19. World of Goo:

    It’s a puzzle game use a black goo live balloon to create different structure and to reach next level. The nest levels have different hurdles that can only be pass by right solution of puzzle.
    Download: Android

  20. Cut the Rope:

    Cut the rope in such manner that the candy reaches the mouth of hungry little omnom. This game has really a cute interface. The bright colors and refreshing levels make this game more interesting.
    Download: Android IOS

  21. Cut the Rope 2:

    Same as 1 but with new graphics and levels. It was same in cuteness and levels were upgraded to challenge the audience.
    Download: Android

  22. Can Knock Down 3:

    It’s an arcade. Use balls to hit the cans and pass the level. It is one of our daily lifes working so you may enjoy this no wifi game.
    Download: Android

  23. 4 Pics 1 Word:

    It is an oldie but interesting game you are given 4 pictures and you have to guess a common word in them.no wifi games 4 pics one pic

    Download: Android IO

  24. Duet:

    It is the simplest game and can be play with one hand just pass the color ball from the ring at right time.
    Download: Android

  25. Plague Inc.:

    In this game you have to spread the plague and bring humanity to an end.
    Download: Android IOS

  26. Unblock Me:

    Just move the blocks to get the red block out of the grid.
    Download: Android

  27. Doodle Jump:

    It’s a never ending vertical jumper and it’s really an addictive game.
    Download: AndroidIOS

  28. Temple Run:

    Just run for your life. Run, run and run but don’t forget to avoid hurdles and monsters.

    Download: AndroidIOS

  29. Temple Run 2:

    Same as temple run 1 with more features and monsters.

    Download: Android IOS

  30. Angry Birds:

    Birds you have to throw the bird at right place and for it you have to make a perfect angle so you are playing and learning at same time.
    Download: Android IOS

  31. Plants Vs Zombies 2:

    A pure fighting game with a lot of adventures.
    Download: Android 

  32. Pocket Mortys:

    A quit traditional Pokemon experience.
    Download: Android

  33. Despicable me:

    Who don’t love minions? And this love leads us to this game. It is a 3D runner game for collecting bananas through different hurdles, jumps and monsters. The collection of awesome locations in this game is really inspiring.
    Download: Android

  34. Six guns: gang showdown:

    This game seriously gives you a wild side of western countries. Basically this game is all about third person shooter action. In this game you will experience a violent side of cow boys with scary vampires and bandits. This game consists of 40 missions. You can unlock different types of weapons by clearing different levels and getting points. You can find this game on Google play store.
    Download: Android

  35. Hill climb racing:

    It is one of most played no wifi game. It is a kind of racing game where you have to make it possible that your rider and ride reaches the final end safe and sound.
    Download: AndroidIOS

  36. Hill climb racing 2:

    It is an updated and advance version of hill climbing racing with more fun and adventure. You also have the choice you to change your vehicle according to your choice and desire.
    Download: Android IOS

  37. Brain it on! Physical puzzle:

    Brain it is indeed the mental challenge of the year. This is a 2D physics game that requires you to perform various tasks by building simple structures using your finger. It truly puts your creativity, and mental skill to the test and the levels can only become harder as you progress.
    Download: Android

  38. Word cookie:

    The game will meet you with an interesting interface. The background with the frying pan on which the cookies are roasted will not leave you indifferent. It is required to combine letters in different directions, to get words or whole sentences. Many levels will not make you feel bored. In the application, there will be special levels, in which you can get additional coins. Also, they can be purchased at the in-house game store. Using coins, you can get help, which will fully open one word.

    Download: Android IOS

  39. Quizoid:

    Trivia Quiz 2017 (With the help of this game app, you will be able to test your knowledge in different spheres. There are more than 7 thousand questions and three game modes. You will have 3 lifelines every time you start playing: 50/50, 2-shots and change question. Surely, the game can be played offline. So, you can play the game when you are on a long trip.

    Download: Android 

  40. Smash Hit:

    Is an endless arcade journey into the heart of the abstract world. To get out of it the winner only need to throw balls accurately, and the rest is a matter of technique and patience. In Smash Hit there is not even such a thing as the main character. The camera moves forward, which is our eyes in the game world. It flies forward, not turning off and changing directions. The only task of the player is to destroy the glass obstacles on his way with the help of balls. The difficulty is that the number of balls is limited, and if they end, then the game ends too. Therefore, it is important not only to accurately destroy obstacles but also to replenish their stock.
    Download: Android IOS

  41. Fruit Ninja:

    It is one the most played by IOs users around the world it is one of those no wifi needed games that has endless joy. The game is quite simple. You just need to cut the fruits into half by sliding your finger through it like a sword. But keep an eye on what you are cutting because cutting of a bomb will lead you to game over.
    Download: Android IOS

  42. ZigZag:

    In this game player must have control on the moves of the ball which is making its way to goal by zigzag paths. You can turn the ball by touching on the screen. If you fail to maintain a balance of the ball. You will lose the game.

    Download: Android 

  43. Zombie Tsunami:

    You will control a mob of zombies that rushes forward. Naturally, on your way there will be a lot of obstacles: abysses, falling platforms, mines, flying military helicopters and much more. Most importantly, it’s to collect as many zombies as possible, because managing the crowd you can sweep away anything you like on your way.
    Download: Android IOS

  44. Dragon Mania:

    It is one of those no wifi game which s loved by kids. In this game you will cultivate and grow dragons of all kinds and breeds until you collect all. You can teach them, organize fights with the dragons of your friends and even gather military units to fight against the enemy hordes of Vikings attacking you from time to time. In order to grow a dragon, you will need to take good care of the habitat and dragon food. That’s how you can raise their level and attract new dragons to the island.
    Download: AndroidIOS

  45. Flow Free:

    There are two modes of the game: time trial with a time limit for passing through the level and free play, respectively, without a time limit. The game is a grid, in the cells of which circles or points of various colors are placed. Each color has its own pair, that is, the number of points is always even. The principle of the game is simple: you need to connect points of the same color with lines. While connecting it is necessary to use all empty squares and to watch, that lines did not intersect. This means that sometimes the shortest path from one point to another will not bring you a victory.

    Download: Android IOS

  46. Mekorama:

    It is a very beautiful puzzle, based on the rare in our time 2D effect with three-dimensional models. The plot of the game is very simple: you just need to move from point A to point B. But this is accompanied by a superbly implemented design, game play, and interface. what makes the usual arcade the next generation game. The game has 50 built-in levels, but it is also possible to create your own levels, which you can share with your friends.
    Download: Android 

  47. Bike race free motor cycle game:

    It is a popular racing game and one of the top-rated free games for Android and iOS. It is an addictive racing game where you can even have fun against millions of players. Bike race free does not need any internet connection so you can have fun racing even in the subway, while flying on a plane or in the car with caution. It is a simple and straightforward racing game where you can train on single player to improve your skills or even take part in Tournaments or challenge your facebook friends. There are hundreds of crazy tracks, stunts and amazing bikes. You can also play unlimited free levels created by you or your friends provided if you have the codes. You can also play unlimited free levels shared publicly on the internet by other users.
    Download: Android

  48. Gang star Vegas:

    It is an action no wifi games with a high quality graphics available on Android and iOS. The game is set in Las Vegas where you will play as a rising mixed martial arts (MMA) champion. Make your way through 80 MISSIONS filled with action and build up a gangster squad to take over Vegas and win mafia wars. Throw your bout at the fighting event of the year and climb the leader boards. When your opponent beats you to the punch and goes down first, famous crime lord Frank Veliano’s perfect plan goes down too. You will become the most wanted man in a place where crime is everywhere and take part in the wildest mafia wars ever.
    Download: Android

  49. Angry Gran run:

    it is another run, jump, dash and slide over game for Android and I Phones. The main goal of the game is to let Granny escape from the Angry Asylum and run away. In this best free 3D running game, take Granny out to the street, avoiding various obstacles by running, jumping, dashing and sliding over in this crazy new endless running game. Bash them and collect coins to clear the streets. Once you have collected enough coins, you can change your look by buying new costumes including 70’s hippy Gran, wonder Gran, zombie Gran and even a penguin costumes. The game is set around in the cities of New York and Rome awaits you. You can also buy and upgrade loads of different power-ups like bullet time and invincible shields. It does qualify for no wifi needed games but again it is a game not everyone can like.

    Download: Android  

  50. Fail hard:

    It is an extremely fun physics based stunt game available on Android and IOS platforms. This game is for those who love bike riding and performing stunts with a good graphics. With this game, you can experience the evolution of becoming the greatest stuntman in the world. Also take yourself to your limits and beyond by facing the challenges of physics bending stunts. As you play along, collect coins to upgrade your equipment. There are different stunts with amazing obstacles and multiple goals in each level. The game is nicely developed, with a smooth and intuitive controls and it is suitable for all girls and boys of all ages. It is a wifi free game.
    Download: Android

  51. Garfield’s dinner Hawaii:

    In this game play Garfield & friends are back to serve up even more food and fun in Garfield’s Diner Hawaii. The main core of the game is to manage a new restaurant on the beaches of Honolulu as you race against time to serve customers with their favorite dishes. This is a challenging game set in Honolulu, Hawaii. An arcade style time management game play that is easy to pick up but not easy to put down. You can choose popular characters from the Garfield comic strip. As you play along, you can upgrade your equipment’s to provide better, faster service. Let the VIPs visit your eatery store at random to provide an extra challenge for greater rewards. Personally I find it to be among the best fun games without wifi
    Download: Android

  52. Base ball hero:

    It is an authentic baseball simulation game available on Google Play and iTunes. Baseball Hero has a high quality 3D graphics and animations with enhanced batting and pitching controls. With this game you will experience smart intuitive baseball as never before with realistic physics of ball movement. It features 3 Game Modes such as Quick play, Career and Practice with improved graphics and intuitive one-finger controls to give player the ultimate baseball experience while on the move. You can play from MLB rookie to the major league’s super star, blast away your best hits and become the Home Run legend in Baseball Hero. The faster you tap and complete the gesture, the farther you can hit the ball.

    Download: Android 

  53. Sudoku:

    One of the most minds sharpening game it is. Te best way to be active and smart. Just pick the right number and place it o right box. This is also a free game without WiFi.
    Download: Android   

  54. Ice age Adventures:

    it is an adventure game for ice age movie lovers. And it is a no wifi game that makes it easier and worth play.
    Download: Android   

  55. Juice cubes:

    It is a puzzle video game with beautiful bright colors and scenes. Whenever the player connects four or more cubes, a bomb fruit appears that can destroy fruits on a row or column when matched upon. When diagonally formed, will create a bomb fruit that destroys fruit in 3×3 area. When players connect 8 or more fruits, they create a fruit that removes from the grid the fruit of the same color the special fruit is connected with. As of January 2016, there are 550 levels.
    Download: Android  

  56. Turbo fast:

    All of you must have watched turbo movie. And yes this game is all about racing as turbo always wanted to become a world’s number one race. It is in the category of free games without wifi and it is really a good time pass.
    Download: Android

  57. Hardest game ever 2:

    It is an exciting mini-game series that measures player’s reaction time to the milliseconds and pixels. The game has 3 simple control buttons, 48 Stages with 4 Challenging Levels. The main core of the game is see how fast you can slap and how sharp is your reaction to catch the eggs before they touch the floor in milliseconds. It is a simple no wifi games yet addictive game play, it promises to bring you hours of adrenaline drain. You can even challenge your family and friends and find out who’s got the fastest moves or reaction. I must say it is a fun game without wifi.

    Download: Android

  58. Hungry Shark evolution: In Hungry Shark Evolution:

     you have to turn into a bloodthirsty shark that will grow and develop right before your eyes. As you pass the game, new, more massive and powerful species of these animals will become available. Keep the whole underwater world under control! The Hungry Shark Evolution game is unique. After all, you can fully experience the beauty of the underwater world, fighting in a tough battle for life with other inhabitants of underwater depths.
    Download: Android IOS

  59. Ant Smash:

    This game is similar to fruit ninja. But in this game you need to smash ants to score high points. Wrong smash of a bug or insect will lead you to zero score.

    Download: Android  

  60. Infinity Loop:

    This combines simplicity and relaxation. Game play involves connecting various curved shapes to create a complete shape with no breaks.
    Download: Android

  61. Mine craft pocket edition:

    Allow your creativity to come out. Use cube blocks to create your own virtual world.

    Download: Android  

  62. Really Bad Chess:

    A complete chess package for chess lovers.
    Download: Android  

  63. Flapy Bird:

    A bird to fly. Help him but don’t touch any obstacle.

    Download: Android 

  64. Crossy Road:

    Help the chicken to cross the road with taps.
    Download: Android IOS

  65. Asphalt 8 Airborne:

    You love car racing? This game is definitely for you.
    Download: Android IOS