10 Best Free Offline Games in Puzzle & Brain Category

Free Offline Games in Puzzle & Brain Category: There are numerous categories of games which people like to play on their smartphones and tablets. However, some of people are much interested in the puzzle and brain categories. Such players are always challenging their minds to play games and win. Puzzle game category is one of the most popular categories among players of all ages. You may be surprised to know that the most widely played game angry birds is also a puzzle game. The puzzle and brain games which are free games without Wi-Fi are somehow more popular as people are able to play in offline mode as well. The developers of the games are finding new ways to improve the puzzle and brain games and trying their best to make them free Wi-Fi games. The developers are making it sure that most of the games in the puzzle and brain games should be no Wi-Fi games. The following are the 10 best games in the brain and puzzle category which are also no Wi-Fi needed games.

  1. 2048

The 2048 is one of the best games without Wi-Fi and is counted in the puzzle category. The game is started out as a grid and the basic goal of the game is combine different tiles of the same number for the creation of different numbers. The different numbers are then further combined to make a huge number. The game is at its end when you are not able to combine any further tiles to make bigger number. The game is ad free and you can play it for hours and make bigger numbers to enjoy your free time.

  1. Clue

The clue is one of the most widely played puzzle game and is of board games. Being player you have to move all around the board and you will be trying to figure out the person who has committed a murder and you also need to sort out the item with which murder has been committed. The game is a recreation of old type of board game. The game has scenic graphics which are attractive and fun to play. The game is considered as no Wi-Fi games because it can be played without internet connection in offline mode.

  1. Cut the Rope Franchise

Cut the rope franchise is one of the best puzzle games developed till date and is considered to be in the series of family friendly puzzle games. The game is revolving around a monster and the player has to level the game in such a way that the candy is made to the monster. When the monster is eating the candy, you will move up to the next level else you will decease as a player. The game is very popular and can be considered as one of the no Wi-Fi games.

  1. Deus Ex, Hitman and Lara Croft Go

This is a series of puzzle games which is very popular since their release date. All of the series of games are free games without Wi-Fi. Each of the games has unique variations however, the basic mechanics of the game are alike. The main goal of the games is to end the entire levels of the game without being killed. There are different tools through which you can seek help and complete the levels. The games are entirely free and can be played without internet in offline mode.

  1. Angry Birds 1 & 2

The angry birds 1 & 2 are fantastic free games without Wi-Fi. The angry birds 2 being the extension of its first version. The games are huge success and are the most popular puzzle games. All you need is to throw the birds at different things placed and you have to kill the pigs as well. There are different levels of the games and you have to complete each level within the limited number of birds to be thrown at the pigs.

  1. Limbo

Limbo is one of the most famous puzzle Wi-Fi free games. The game is the most played puzzle game of year 2015. The player has to find little sister who has been wandered in the limbo. The game is being played like a huge side scrolling levels. The game is taking several hours to be completed and there are a number of challenges to be overcome. The challenges are in the form of puzzles at most and are being solved by the player who plays it. The game has been acknowledged critically and commercially by the best developers and has been declared as one of the best puzzle games.

  1. Lumosity

The Lumosity is one of the best brainstorming games which is also Wi-Fi free games and is ranked in the top list as people love to play the game. The game can be played both over computers, smartphones, and tablet devices. The game is one of the longest running games and is completed in abundant time. The game is customizable and can be delivered with the high level of interaction. The game is based on the working of different areas of brain, therefore you can pick the stuff you want and can work on the stuff as long as you desire. The game has been rated in top rankings by most of the critiques.

  1. Brain Café

Are you looking for the games without Wi-Fi, then you have the best choice in the form of Brain café. The game is regarding the science and the earth. The game is of adult genre and is teaching the player about geography, science, and planet earth. There are hundreds of questions being catered in the game which you can play and learn knowledge. The game is best for those who have eagerness to learn and grow their knowledge. This is a no Wi-Fi needed games and start learning instantly by installing the game.

  1. Elevate

The game is among best no Wi-Fi needed games and the game is helping you’re to improve your brain and read and comprehend faster than before. The game has a variety of trainings through which you can speak better and can also improve your comprehension. The game is helping you to process the information in a better way and increase different skills such as mathematics skills. This game has been included in the Google’s most productive games list and is admired a lot by different reviewers and developers. The game is best for those who desires to improve their comprehension and mathematics skills.

  1. Rituals

Rituals is one of the best brain storming games and is taking the meditation level to different areas of the brain. Rituals is a games without Wi-Fi need and the game is helping the player to set the meditation timing from 5 to 30 minutes and can also send you certain quotes which are based on some inspiration. The basic aim of the game is to give an idea to the players that they are also needing some time for themselves for meditation and self-support. The game is being considered for increasing the meditation timing of the players and to take out time for themselves. The game has been rated in top brain games.

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