Pros and Cons of Games that work without wifi

Nowadays, Games have become a part of our lives. Whatever ages a person is or wherever he works, people play games without making any difference.

In the past days, books were called to be the Best friend of an alone person. Many of them liked to read books in their leisure time but, in the present day’s people love to play games.

In the world of modern technology, many games are developed. Some of these games need an internet connection for playing. If you don’t have a one or a facility of wifi, you will be unable to play them.

But, a large number of people like to play on wifi games. In this article, I will share some of the pros and cons of the games played without wifi.

Pros of the Games without wifi

  1. No need of Internet Connection:

These games do not need an Internet connection or wifi service. They can be easily played without internet.

2. Low-Cost:

The games active without wifi cost low than the games played with wifi. In fact, many of these games are free to download. If you want to play games you don’t need to pay charges for them.

3. No Continuous Updates:

Wifi games always need updating. Whenever you start playing they ask you to update the version or anything else. But, the games without wifi never do that.

4. Good Speed:

Unlike to wifi games, these ones have a good speed. The wifi supported games take a lot of time while starting but the games played without internet are easy to open and begin.

5. Easy downloading:

Their downloading time is lesser than the games played with wifi. They take seconds only and get ready to open.

6. No Adds:

That’s what I feel the most important benefit of the games without wifi. There are no advertisements to see in these games. You can easily play them with a relaxed mind.

7. Good for children:

If you are unusually conscious about your kids and don’t want them to get spoiled at a younger age then these non-wifi games are good for them. You can engage them in the games keeping them away from the internet.

8. Play anywhere, and anytime:

Just imagine a long traveling by road. No internet connection of yours’ or a wifi connection to borrow from someone else. In such situation, no wifi games are best to play. They will not leave you bored and alone. Instead, they are going to make the journey fun.

Adding to that, they can be played at any time. Especially they are good for teenagers.

9. No Virus Issues:

The games without wifi are not a risk of viruses and malware. You can easily download them or get installed through a compact disc.

10. Free Wins:

There are many wifi games which ask for extra charges to move at higher levels. No wifi games never ever do that. When you begin moving forward they will not ask for a single penny, and here is your win ready for you.


Cons of the Games Without wifi

Well, the games played without internet connection have many benefits but, there are some cons as well. Now, I am sharing some of the readers.

  1. Lesser games’ objects:

In most of the nation wifi games, there is limited access to the features. If you want all the objects, then you must have an internet connection.

2. No wifi games—restricted to one player:

Unfortunately, there is an only single-player mode in the nation wifi games. It means that one person can play at a time.

3. No live Playing:

In the games without wifi, you are not connected to the outside world.  You have to play alone.

4. No Competition:

As I wrote above, while playing non-wifi games you cannot remain in contact with another player of the same game. It means that you never know about their scores.

5. People easily become addicted to them:

As they cost less and do not require internet connection or wifi, people play most them often. In this way, non-wifi games become a reason of addiction.

6. No Family sittings:

No wifi games have especially ruined the family sittings. As people can play them without internet connectivity so they play…play…and then play more. They do not care if they are in or outside the home, and just move on with the games.

These are some of the pros and cons of games played without internet connection and wifi. After reading the article it is up to you whether you like to play such games without getting addicted or you still prefer wifi games which are a heavy burden on your pocket.

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